This book was Out of my Mind!

Out of my Mind is a story about a young girl named Melody that was born with physical disabilities, but absolutely no mental disabilities what so ever. She is more intelligent than people twice as old as her and has more capabilities in her inside of her brain than most people. Words and actions may not flow out of her body and mouth but she knows what she capable of and makes the most out of it.

This book is worth the time and effort to read because the words that flow out of Sharon M. Draper’s mind and that were but onto paper can truly change your thought process about mentally retarded people. They have so much potential that no one notices because of their minor hold backs and we need to recognize their intelligence. Melody really speaks to you in a way that you will experience rarely. It truly changes your life, why not take the chance?

2 thoughts on “This book was Out of my Mind!

  1. I have also read the book “Out of my Mind”, and I agree completely with your post, because Melody was the smartest student there, but she just couldn’t tell anyone.

  2. Your post was great, but your post was a complete summary of the book rather than narrowing in on one topic like the instructions. Other than that, it sounds like a fantastic book.

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